Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons
Fairfield Connecticut – Guitar and Ukulele Lessons

Group lessons can be a great place to start. Learn to play your favorite songs in a fun and encouraging group setting. Shane has been teaching group guitar lessons to kids and adults for 8 years. HIs goal is to help you become a guitarist for life.

Classes are offered year round through the Fairfield Park and Recreation Department. Lessons take place on Fridays at the Eunice Postol Recreation Center on 75 Mill Plain Road.

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For more information, contact Shane O’Reilly at (203) 500-5916, or simply CLICK HERE to send Shane email via our contact page.

NOTE: If you don't yet have a "Log-in ID" or "Account Password" for the Fairfield Parks & Recreation website (for Online Registration), you can either Phone the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department at (203) 256-3191 during business hours, or email to obtain your "Log-in ID" and "Account Password." Every member of your family will have a unique User ID that will identify them.

There is only one Password that is shared by your family members. Any family member can sign in and register other family members. The User ID used to sign in does not have to be the person that is being registered.


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