Shane's Guitar Background/Approach
  I started to play guitar when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was taught to read music by a very well respected and patient man, Chuck Dudley. He had a studio on Bedford Street in Stamford and my father and I used to go there on Friday nights for our lessons. I was a drummer as well and had a hard time figuring out which I preferred. All I was sure of was that I loved music and really loved Rock & Roll.

After about a year or two, reading music became very difficult for me. I decided to take
Shane O'Reilly
a break from guitar and focus on percussion. I ended up really loving the drums and later played in a pretty good band in high school. The guitarists in my band (John Stenson and Steve Cappeli) were extremely talented, and their playing really got me thinking about picking up the guitar again.

I began to realize from just being around these great guitarists that reading music was not essential to becoming a good guitarist. Interestingly enough, many of our musical idols did not know how to read music at all. BB King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Page, Slash, Paul McCartney, Stevie Ray Vaughn- etc. –the list is endless! Most rock musicians play by ear. They know their chords, basic theory and a few scales, but that is about it. You may have heard of the very common music joke, “How do you get a lead guitarist to stop playing?” - “Put sheet music in front of them.”

Guitar Lessons
My approach to teaching beginners is to get them to play the songs and music they like, almost right away. I teach the most basic chords, finger exercises, and how to read tablature. If my students practice they are usually able to play parts of their favorite songs in less than 8 weeks. Once they realize how approachable the guitar can be, many become guitarists for life. I sprinkle a little basic music theory into each lesson, and I believe that is critical for their development. I also introduce some songs to my students that I like because it helps push them to learn new chord shapes, techniques, and basic theory.

I have a fast-track method of getting you started in a group setting or with private lessons. I can teach you how to play songs from quite a range of different styles from Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Green Day, AC/DC, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc.

If you are interested in private or group lessons, please feel free to contact Shane at 203 500-5916, or simply CLICK HERE to send Shane an email via our contact page.